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NOVEMBER 21, 2022



 Please read the following before requesting an appointment:

  • Books are OPEN & WILL REMAIN OPEN! I will be accepting requests on a rolling basis. 

  • The ONLY way to request an appointment is through the following request button.

  • When I am ready to schedule appointments (which could be a few weeks or a few months - it depends on how far out I am booked with ongoing projects), I will go through the submissions and contact you directly via e-mail. 

  • This is a booking REQUEST form. This does NOT guarantee you an appointment and timeline for appointment can vary from a few weeks to a few months. Please be patient.

  • No need to check in, you will get an automated response saying the form has been submitted. I will let you know at my earliest convenience if a project isn't for me.

  • This will NOT be first come first serve. I will select projects that best suit my style and that interest me (styles I am most interested in working are fine line, black and grey, watercolor, nature/botanical themed, nautical art)

  • Once you have a confirmed appointment, we will communicate through e-mail ONLY.

  • Incomplete submissions will NOT be considered.


NOVEMBER 13, 2017

All deposits on tattoo appointments are non-refundable and valid for one year. The amount of the deposit will come off of the price of the tattoo when completed. Deposits are $50. If it is a multiple sitting piece, the deposit will come off the final sitting. You’ll only lose your deposit in the event of a “no-show” or cancelling less than 48 hours before the appointment. Deposits can be made in person or via e-mail. In-person deposits can be made at the time of consultation. For e-mail deposits, clients will be invoiced via e-mail (payment to be completed via credit card). Thank you!

Contact us now and we’ll supply all the information you need.

Nuclear Tattoo only uses the industry leading equipments and products:

FK Irons

Eternal  Ink

Hustle Butter Deluxe

Stencil Stuff

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